Anna Pedersdotter,

Anna /Pedersdotter/
Given names
Anna Pedersdotter /Mårstøyl/
also known as
Given names
Anna Pedersdotter

Birth of a sonJakob Ellingsson
about 1728
Birth of a sonOle Ellingsson
about 1729
Birth of a daughterAnna Ellingsdotter
about 1729
Birth of a daughterSynneve Ellingsdotter
about 1733
Birth of a daughterEli Ellingsdotter
about 1734
Birth of a daughterSofie Ellingsdotter
about 1739
Birth of a sonSamson Ellingsson
before October 29, 1741
Christening of a sonSamson Ellingsson
October 29, 1741
Marriage of a childRasmus JonssonAnna EllingsdotterView this family
July 2, 1750
Birth of a grandsonJon Rasmusson
before September 5, 1751
Christening of a grandsonJon Rasmusson
September 5, 1751
Birth of a granddaughterAnna Rasmusdotter
before March 17, 1754
Christening of a granddaughterAnna Rasmusdotter
March 17, 1754
Death of a husbandElling Rasmusson
before June 9, 1754
Burial of a husbandElling Rasmusson
June 9, 1754
Marriage of a childJakob OlssonAnna EllingsdotterView this family
January 1, 1755
Birth of a grandsonRasmus Jakobsson
before January 12, 1756
Christening of a grandsonRasmus Jakobsson
January 12, 1756
Death of a grandsonRasmus Jakobsson
before May 9, 1756
Burial of a grandsonRasmus Jakobsson
May 9, 1756
Birth of a granddaughterMarte Jakobsdotter
before May 22, 1757
Christening of a granddaughterMarte Jakobsdotter
May 22, 1757
Birth of a grandsonElling Jakobson
before November 18, 1759
Christening of a grandsonElling Jakobson
November 18, 1759
Birth of a granddaughterOline Jakobsdotter
before March 7, 1762
Christening of a granddaughterOline Jakobsdotter
March 7, 1762
Birth of a grandsonOle Jakobsson
before February 20, 1763
Christening of a grandsonOle Jakobsson
February 20, 1763
Birth of a grandsonRasmus Jakobson
before November 15, 1765
Christening of a grandsonRasmus Jakobson
November 15, 1765
Birth of a granddaughterKirsti Jakobsdotter
before October 31, 1768
Christening of a granddaughterKirsti Jakobsdotter
October 31, 1768
Birth of a grandsonGullik Jakobsson
before October 25, 1772
Christening of a grandsonGullik Jakobsson
October 25, 1772
Birth of a grandsonGullik Jakobsson
Christening of a grandsonGullik Jakobsson
December 19, 1773
Death of a sonJakob Ellingsson
about May 1783
Note: Jakobgarden
Burial of a sonJakob Ellingsson
May 1783
Death of a daughterSofie Ellingsdotter
before December 1, 1799
Burial of a daughterSofie Ellingsdotter
December 1, 1799

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