Erik Jetmundson, 17331752 (aged 19 years)

Erik /Jetmundson/
Given names
Erik Jetmundson /Engeset/
also known as
Given names
Erik Jetmundson
Birth about 1733 33 28
Birth of a brotherArne Jetmundson
about 1735 (aged 2 years)
Birth of a sisterBrite Jetmundsdotter
about 1736 (aged 3 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherErik Pålson
1742 (aged 9 years)

Birth of a sisterKari Jetmundsdotter
about 1743 (aged 10 years)
Note: Jetmun Engesets K: er introdusert i Ørsta 20. januar
Death of a fatherJetmund Sjurson
1743 (aged 10 years)
Marriage of a parentOttar JakobsonBrite EriksdotterView this family
April 12, 1744 (aged 11 years)
Birth of a half-sisterAnne Marie Ottarsdotter
1746 (aged 13 years)
Christening of a half-sisterAnne Marie Ottarsdotter
March 13, 1746 (aged 13 years)
Death of a motherBrite Eriksdotter
1746 (aged 13 years)

Burial of a motherBrite Eriksdotter
May 22, 1746 (aged 13 years)

Note: Innskriven som Bertha Engeset
Death of a sisterKari Jetmundsdotter
1750 (aged 17 years)

Death 1752 (aged 19 years)

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