Della Frances Thompson, 18971981 (aged 84 years)

Della Frances /Thompson/
Given names
Della Frances
Della Frances /Hanson/
Type of name
married name
Given names
Della Frances

No family available

Descendants of Della Frances Thompson

  1. Generation 1
    1. Della Hanson

      Della Frances Thompson was born on October 9, 1897 in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota, USA and died on November 17, 1981 in Riverside, Riverside County, California, USA at the age of 84.

      She married Herbert Martin Hanson, son of Edward Hanson and Caroline Dorthea Ingebrigtsdatter, before 1921. He was born in November 1894 in Artichoke, Big Stone County, Minnesota, USA and died in October 1966 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the age of 71.

Ancestors of Della Frances Thompson

  1. Generation 1
    1. Della Hanson

      Della Frances Thompson was born on October 9, 1897 in Hutchinson, McLeod County, Minnesota, USA and died on November 17, 1981 in Riverside, Riverside County, California, USA at the age of 84.

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1900 USA Census transcript - Thomas Thompson - Household

Thompson ThomasHeadWMApr 186238M10--DENDENDEN181882NBrickmason1-YYYO-F-H
Thompson ElizabethWifeWFJul 187029M1066MNCANCAN-YYY
Thompson EvelynDaughterWFOct 18909S---MNDENMNAt school9YYY
Thompson RosserSonWMJul 18927S---MNDENMNAt school9YYY
Thompson EstherDaughterWFNov 18936S---MNDENMN
Thompson AldenSonWMSep 18954S---MNDENMN
Thompson DellaDaughterWFOct 18972S---MNDENMN
Thompson PearlDaughterWFNov 18990S---MNDENMN
Riis MarthaServantWFJul 188514S---MNDENGERServant0-YYY
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1910 USA Census transcript - Thomas Thompson - Household

Thompson ThomasHeadMW48M20--DENDENDEN1892NEnglishBrick layerContractYes-YYO-F-H
Thompson ElizabethWifeFW39M201010MNCANCANEnglishNone-YY
Thompson Evelyn EDaughterFW19S---MNDENMNEnglishSchool teacher-YY
Thompson Rosser WSonMW17S---MNDENMNEnglishNoneYYY
Thompson Ester KDaughterFW16S---MNDENMNEnglishNoneYYY
Thompson AldenSonMW14S---MNDENMNEnglishNoneYYY
Thompson Della LDaughterFW12S---MNDENMNEnglishNoneYYY
Thompson FlorenceDaughterFW10S---MNDENMNEnglishNoneYYY
Thompson DanielSonMW8S---MNDENMNEnglishNoneYYY
Thompson Leonora LDaughterFW6S---MNDENMNEnglishNoneYYY
Thompson Rhoda VDaughterFW3S---MNDENMNEnglishNoneYYY
Thompson NathenSonMW8/12S---MNDENMNNone-NN
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1920 USA Census transcript - Thomas Thompson - Household

Thompson ThomasHeadOFMW57M1882N1889-YYDENDENDENDanishYBricklayerHouseW
Thompson ElizabethWifeFW49M-YYMNCANCANYNone
Christenson EvelinDaughterFW29MMNDENMNYNone
Christenson ChristianSon in lawMW28MMNDENMNYCarpenterHouseW
Thompson RosserSonMW27SMNDENMNYMasonBrickW
Thompson EsterDaughterFW26SMNDENMNYNurseHospitalW
Thompson AldenSonMW24SMNDENMNYMasonBrickW
Thompson DellaDaughterFW22SMNDENMNYTeacherMusicW
Thompson FlorenceDaughterFW20SYYYMNDENMNYStenographer???W
Thompson DavidSonMW18SYYYMNDENMNYNone
Thompson LeonardSonMW15SYYYMNDENMNYNone
Thompson RhodaDaughterFW13SYYYMNDENMNNone
Thompson NathenSonMW10SYYYMNDENMNNone
Thompson KennethSonMW7SY--MNDENMNNone

Herbert & Della Hanson


Herbert og Della Hanson reiste som misjonærar til Ethiopia i september 1934.


Heimreise frå Ethiopia via Egypt, gjennom Europa til Norge
Avreise Oslo 9. mai og ankomst New York 19. mai 1939


Della vart etterkvart ansatt som husholderske i palasset til til konge og keisar Haile Selassie I, og tenestegjorde der i 14 år


Avreise Alexandria, Egypt 14. april og ankomst New York 29 april 1946


For God and Emperor
Author: Herbert M Hanson & Della Hanson
Publisher: Pacific Press; F edition (1958)


Haile Selassie's housekeeper
She is Seventh-Day Adventist from Minnesota

"Housekeeper, lady in waiting and adviser on American affairs to the Negus Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and his Empress (Negusta) turns out to be a pink-cheeked, gray-haired American woman from Hutchinson, Minn. by the name of Mrs. Della Hanson.
When LIFE Photographer Hart Preston recently reached Addis Ababa, the capital the Italians had thoughtfully rebuilt before the British reconquered it, he found Mrs. Hanson virtually the third most important person in Ethiopia.
Herbert Hanson and his wife, Della, arrived in Addis Ababa ten years ago as missionaries for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. They stuck it out through the Italian invasion, nursing the Ethiopian wounded. After a 1939 furlough, they were back in Addis Ababa when the British arrived. Mrs. Hanson produced the only U.S. flag in Addis Ababa for the British mach-in.
Haile Selassie promptly began looking for a housekeeper. The wife of the capital's native mayor suggested Mrs. Hanson. Mrs. Hanson not only accepted the job, but also took over the Ethiopian royal family in toto. She has introduced strawberry shortcake, angel-food cake, potato salad, cold cuts to the Ethiopian diet. She buys the Empress' clothes, superintends the five palace cooks, writes the menus and runs the palace staff of 50."

LIFE 7 Jun 1943