William Blair Brown Honer, 19031989 (aged 85 years)

William Blair Brown /Honer/
Given names
William Blair Brown

Worked as a dock labourer, then attended Glasgow Theological Seminary, and went to South Africa as a railway missionary (who occupied a coach on a train which was unhooked at stations of his choice, where he would preach to the local community) in 1928.

His friends from Belfast, Margaret (Peggy) Deyermond and her brother Bill, came to South Africa with the Africa Evangelistic Band mission, and Peggy asked William to give her away at her wedding to a Norwegian farmer who lived in the Oribi Flats district near Port Shepstone. He met his future wife, Margit Carlson, also of Norwegian descent, who was living nearby and played the organ at the wedding.

Lived in Boksburg in 1939, then Brakpan, then moved to Port Shepstone in 1945 where he founded the Baptist Church there. Also founded a Baptist Church in Margate.

Moved in Gwelo (now Gweru) in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1952.

Briefly returned to Belfast after Margit died in 1953, the returned to South Africa where he became pastor of a Baptist Church in Rouxville, Johannesburg, but left the ministry at the end of the year. Moved to Springs, 30 miles from Johannesburg, where he worked as a fitter and turner at East Geduld Mine until he retired. He married again (don't have her name yet) and they lived together in a flat until she died in 1984, and William moved into a care home in 1989. He had only been there three months when he died suddenly of a heart attack.


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